PTA Sai Kung One Day Family Trip


The family trip held by our Parent-Teacher Association was successfully completed on 15th December. 50 parents, students and teachers set off in the morning to reach their first stop - the renowned Ma Shi Chau Geopark in Tai Po. All participants walked 20 minutes up the 1.5 km long Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail to reach its peak; then headed to Tombolo after a short break. Walking along the trail by the sea, we saw attractions formed by sedimentary rocks. Through observing the spectacular geological features and reading the information on the trailside interpretation plates, we felt like we were travelling through a time tunnel going back to ancient times. After noon, we lunched in Sai Kung and strolled round the area trying the local delicacies and visiting the Volcano Discovery Centre and Sai Kung Market. We also bought some traditional snacks like ‘Cha Kwo’ and dried seafood snacks. We stayed till dusk and returned home happy and satisfied.    


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