Metaverse meets multiculturalism


The Sandbox Metaverse is a cross-border game and social platform that gives students the opportunity to interact with people from different countries and races. At the same time, through the artistic works and game works of creators from all over the world, they can gain an in-depth understanding of the culture, history, and culture of other countries. values ​​and traditional arts. This kind of cross-cultural communication experience is very important for students' growth.

INDEX ACADEMY held the "VoxEdit Character Design Workshop" at Bethel High School, through the design and production of avatars of different ethnic groups, students can learn about the culture and history of other countries through their clothing and appearance.

一張含有 服裝, 人員, 足部穿著, 室內 的圖片自動產生的描述

Bethel High School Stem Teacher – Mr. Wong with Students

Know a nation through its clothes

Bethel High School is a multicultural school with many non-Chinese students. During the course, students used daily observations and data collection to recreate the traditional shapes of different ethnic groups in the world of the metaverse.

In the process of designing characters, students need to observe and study the traditional costumes, accessories and hairstyles of different countries. They need to understand the symbolism and meaning of these elements in the culture of that nation and accurately incorporate these details into their creations.

The process of design and production can not only deepen students' impression of the cultural traditions of other countries, but also enhance their creativity and design thinking. Through this cross-cultural experience, students can develop an open mind and learn to respect and appreciate the differences between different cultures.

In The Sandbox metaverse platform, Bethel High School students can further understand the cultures of other countries by designing and making virtual avatars of different nationalities, and cultivate their global awareness and cross-cultural abilities.

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