Special Training Course (Flag-guards Annual Parade: Foot Drill and Flag Drill Competition) Highlight


The Discipline and Guidance Team has organised the 'Special Training Course' – Flag-guard for more than a year. In order to let students experience the spirit and features of uniform teams and have more exchange with each other, the Discipline and Guidance Team has invited some students to participate in the 2014 Annual Parade of the Association of Hong Kong Flag-guards so that they can have better flag drill skills and a higher sense of achievement. The association has prepared a training session and a rehearsal on 15/2 and 22/2 respectively to enhance students' performance in the parade and allow them to practice what they have learnt, broaden their horizons and experience the activities of uniform teams. Ho Hei Man (2A), Wong Tsz Yu (2A) and Tian Bin (2C) participated in the activities and won the 2nd runner-up of the flag drill competition (secondary) with their outstanding performance on 1/3. Their attempts and effort are not in vain. Congratulations.

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