Computer Literacy Department – E-card Design Competition Results


In order to let students apply what they have learnt to solve problems and express their creativity, the Computer Literacy Department has organised an E-card Design Competition. The results are as follows:
Senior Form (S.3 to S.5): Mother's Day FLASH card
Champion: 5A Shah Nasikh Ali
First runner-up: 3C Lam Wai Shan
Second runner-up: 4A Gurung Eliza
Merit Award: 5A Thapa Sapana, 5A Gurung Suchitra, 5A Rai Suna, 3A Chan Pui Man, 3A Chung Oi Kwan, 3A Ho Laam, 3A Jiang Xue Er
Junior Form (S.2): Mother's Day PHOTOIMPACT card
Champion: 2C Ng Kwai Yuen
First runner-up: 2A Ng Ka Chun
Second runner-up: 2A Liu Kam Hung
Merit Award: 2A Chi Ho Wa, 2A Chong Wai Kit, 2A Chow Man Yi, 2B Angbuhang Surab

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