Bethel High School Parent-Teacher Association - Sai Kung Geopark Day Trip


Bethel High School Parent-Teacher Association held the Family Trip, Sai Kung Geopark Day Trip, on 27-4-2013. There were 44 parents, students, teachers and their family participated in this trip. We visited the Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau), Yim Tin Tsai, the St. Joseph’s Chapel, Lions Nature Education Centre, Sai Kung Geoheritage Information Centre and the Sai Kung Central. (The Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau) is a long and narrow island. We walked on the natural sand levee connecting the Sharp Island with neighbouring Kiu Tau. Sand levee is a coastal sedimentary landform. In geology, it is known as a tombolo. In our visit, we enjoyed the stratum Mesozoic Cretaceous volcanic Clearwater Bay Formation.) During our visit, we took a boat to sail on the sea of the East New Territories and enjoyed the above natural marvels. We had a fruitful trip that broadened our horizon. We were thankful that the weather was cool and not rainy on that day. It was very suitable for outdoor trips.

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