Homework arrangement during the class suspension period (4th phase, 16/3-27/3)


中一級功課     S.1 Homework
中二級功課     S.2 Homework
中三級功課     S.3 Homework
中四級功課     S.4 Homework
中五級功課     S.5 Homework

For details of the homework arrangement, you can either 

1. Log on to the Google Classroom 

2. Open the related links below

     S1: https://bit.ly/397EOQJ

     S2: https://bit.ly/2Ulx5tW 

     S3: https://bit.ly/37WsQJA

     S4: https://bit.ly/2OoABQx

     S5: https://bit.ly/2GO5c67

3. Check your email via eclass 


Homework Submission (please submit your homework before the deadline) 

1. Upload your homework via Google Classroom.

2. Take a photo / scan your homework and send it to your subject teacher via eclass.

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