Bandwidth Support for E-learning at Home Scheme 19/20


Dear parents and students,

To further support students who have difficulty in accessing the Internet at home, our school has joined the "Bandwidth Support for E-learning at Home Scheme " launched by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and the Boys’ and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong. We have received 100 free data mobile SIM cards and top priorities will be given to those who are experiencing financial difficulties.
Eligibility Criteria 

Students who are receiving:

  1. Comprehensive Social Security Allowance
  2. Student Travel Subsidy Scheme (half or full bursary)
  3. School Textbook Assistance Scheme (half or full subsidy)
  4. Teacher recommendation (for the surplus )

Priority allocation of mobile data SIM cards:

  1. Living in a sub-divided unit / apartment which does not allow broadband connections;
  2. Living in a building with connections of limited bandwidth (such as old building): 
  3. Living in remote area with slower internet connections.

How to distribute:

  1. Eligible applicants should first register online. (Application period:18/3-22/3) Link:
  2. The school will verify eligibility and notify successful applicants to collect the SIM cards in school.
  3. All mobile data SIM cards will be distributed to successful applicants on a‘first-come-first-serve’basis due to the limited number of SIM cards and each student can apply once only.
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Telephone : 24712622
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