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Arts-related Studies and Career Pathways

The study of this curriculum helps to foster students’ intellectual power, and develop their economic perspectives that will benefit their further studies in tertiary institutions. This curriculum will provide a useful preparation not just for studying economics but also for other university studies such as management, financial studies, law, environmental studies, and public and social administration. The perspectives, knowledge base and skills that are emphasised in senior secondary Economics curriculum can broaden the range of further study choices for students.


This curriculum blends well with courses which prepare students with practical skills for employment in the service sector. Students taking Applied Learning courses together with Economics in S4 – S6 are adequately prepared for this pathway. Alternative avenues such as sub-degree programmes and qualifications offered by professional institutions in their respective fields also exist. On completing senior secondary education, some students will enter the workplace directly.


Their economic literacy, awareness and ability to make informed decisions will help them to cope with the demands of an ever changing work environment.

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